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NAILL – New Approaches for Immigrant Language Learning

Nordplus Adult project

The goal is to facilitate all adult immigrants (labour based, asylum seekers, refugees, those who have married to a foreign country etc.) to learn the language of the new home country.
Three of the partner countries (Finland, Iceland, Sweden) all have long taken and are still receiving lots of immigrants, so they have a long experience on the matter. Lithuania, however, is preparing for the future needs and gathering experience.
The key element in learning the language is to take learning at least partly off the classroom context and make it happen in real life situations.

Working methods / forms of the project:
Face to face meeting, e-mailing

Achievements / results
We have succesfully gathered all the approaches used in all partner countries. We have tried out and tested those apprioaces in our own work (those applicable to each individual’s work).
We have been able to come up with some new approaches, or combination of approaches.

The main learning points of the project
The positive and negative experience in how certain approach worked for one’s individual needs.

What experience could be transferable? How could the project experience inspire other organizations / countries?
By publishing the results in a final seminar in Helsinki May 2012.
Making a net site.
Spreading results through each partner’s versatile connections.

Products (books, reports, summaries, etc.)
The final report, net site, maybe a printed publication?

Project partners
JAKK, Finland
Jafnrettishus, Iceland
Mimir, Iceland
Academedia Eductus, Sweden
Systems of Studies and Business, Lithuania
Mykolas Romeris University, Lithuania

Tidsperiod: 2010 - 2012

Huvudansvarig: JAKK (Jalasjärvi Adult Education Centre, Finland)

Kontaktuppgifter: Project Manager: jari.alanko(ät)jakk.fi, Project Leader: kyosti.kangas(ät)jakk.fi

JAKK (Jalasjärvi Adult Education Centre, Finland)