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Nordic network for adult learning (NVL) is a project initiated and financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and administrated by Vox, Norwegian Agency for Lifelong Learning.

* is a meeting place for Nordic adult learning
* supports Nordic co-operation
* disseminates experiences and innovations
* highlights Nordic expertise
* creates new co-operation models

The objectives of the NVL strive towards promoting lifelong learning by focusing on cross-sectoral cooperation in the priority areas defined by the Nordic Council of Ministers.

NVL transmits competence and experiences between the five Nordic countries and the three autonomous areas. The task of the network is to deepen Nordic competence, and its effects can be extended to the Baltic region, northwest Russia and the rest of Europe.

In the Nordic region, a unique co-operation across national borders exists in many different fields. Co-operation in the adult education sector takes place under the auspices of NVL. One of the main tasks of NVL is to spread information about this co-operation.

Newsletter, DialogWeb

The NVL Newsletter provides information about education policy in the Nordic countries, new structures, reforms and initiatives, as well as upcoming courses and conferences. The newsletter is issued eleven times per year, complete with translations into Finnish and Icelandic.

The NVL coordinators are responsible for producing short news from the Nordic countries, the autonomous areas, and the rest of the world. You can sign up for the newsletter free of charge HERE.

DialogWeb is a thematic online publication. Its editorial board consists of members from the Nordic countries, who are responsible for providing topical information related to the selected themes from their respective countries. DialogWeb examines adult learning through articles and interviews from the entire Nordic region and adjoining areas. Some examples of past themes include Active Citizenship, Ageing workers, Innovation and Career guidance. The online magazin is published continuing.

DialogWeb targets a broad group of readers: teachers, executives and civil servants in the field of formal and non-formal adult education, politicians, NGOs, employers and businesses. One of the goals is to arouse interest in adult learning among new groups of readers. The magazine is available at www.dialogweb.net or through our start page.

Keyword search

Keywords are provided for all the objects on the NVL website – articles, news, projects, reports, etc. This means that if you are reading an article on sustainable development in DialogWeb, you can get access to other objects on this theme by clicking on the keyword at the end of the article. You will find a list of all the keywords HERE.

A keyword search will yield a list of all the objects linked to this particular keyword. On this page you can change the language of the keywords, too: keyword lists are available in five Nordic languages and English.

As well as the keyword search, a free text search is available on all the pages of our portal.

NVL networks and reports

NVL disseminates information about the experiences and results gained through Nordic co-operation on adult learning, primarily at the Nordic and European levels. Information activities are administered primarily via our portal. NVL’s internal networks participate in information activities by carrying out surveys, investigations, comparative studies and analyses.

Expert networks have been set up based on the Nordic priority areas and have been commissioned to produce reports on various themes. The expert networks’ duties include tasks related to competence-building and policy-forming.

Thematic/professional networks are formed on the basis of initiatives from sectors within adult learning, or based on a topical theme from a Nordic country that is of pan-Nordic interest. NVL’s task is to extend the networks to cover the whole Nordic region and to formulate a clearer Nordic profile for them. These networks, too, spread information about their activities through articles and reports.

Reports by NVL are available free of charge HERE.

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